We promote healthy eating by providing a balanced diet and encouraging the children to enjoy their food and meal times. We try to cook food that the children like, taking into account their nutritional requirements and any special dietary requirements. All our food is cooked fresh each day. No jars, ready-made sauces, or packet products are used in our menu. Homemade baby food is available for all the babies. Their menu changes as they go from stage to stage until they are eating from the main menu. Mothers are welcome to come in and breastfeed during the day. We provide breakfast to those who arrive early. A morning snack is provided, which is followed by dinner, and a mid afternoon tea. Milk, water and juice are served with meals and when requested. Parents are always welcome to bring their own food for their children.

WEEK 1 - MORNING Melon Chunks Granola Bar Cauliflower Dried Peach Slices Sultanas
DINNER Fish Fingers, Potatoes& Beans Pasta Bolognaise Chilli & Rice Beef with Curried Noodles & Corn Turkey, Potatoes, Broccoli & Gravy
SNACK Crackers with Cheese Beans on Toast Veg Soup Garlic Toast French Toast
WEEK 2 - MORNING Apple Slices Carrot Sticks Broccoli Raisins Buttered Toast
DINNER Fish, Potatoes & Corn Beef Stew Spaghetti Bolognaise Shepherd's Pie Stir Fry Chicken with Veg & Rice
SNACK Tuna with Crackers Potato Waffles Pumpkin Soup Cinnamon Toast Banana Bread
WEEK 3 - MORNING Orange Segments Brown Bread with Jam/Butter Cheese Cubes Banana Chunks Pear Slices
DINNER Beef with Lentils Savoury Mince with Rice Chicken, Mash & Veg Beef with Peppers, Carrots & Couscous Roast Joint with Potato & Cauliflower
SNACK Peanut Butter/ Jam on Crackers Scrambled Egg on Toast Sweet Potato Soup Cheese Toast Muffins